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What are the Players saying about Valpo VIP Camps?

“I appreciated the opportunity to train with you and your staff for a day during the VIP camp. I enjoyed the session in that it allowed me to play with other college prospects as well as learn from a successful coach and current players.

–2011 Winter VIP Day Camp Participant

"I would just like to say thank you for having a look at me during your VIP Camp. The team ran the camp very well. How you set it up gave everyone a chance to showcase themselves. Going also gave me a chance to look at the campus which I loved! The Chapel was absolutely awesome, very cool to see. Again, I would like to say thank you, I am very glad I was able to attend the camp."

- 2011 Winter VIP Day Camp Participant



"Thanks once again for allowing me to showcase myself to you and your staff during the V.I.P. Camp. I appreciate your input regarding how I can improve as a player. I look forward to going to the Spring V.I.P. Camp."

- 2011 Winter VIP Day Camp Participant



“I truly enjoyed my time at camp this week.  I would like to thank you for all of your coaching and personal insight as to what I need to do to one day be on the roster at Valpo.  I enjoyed learning even more about the VUMSO program and Coach Avery's speech on The Starting 11.  I felt that the camp helped further prepare me for the speed of play that the college level demands.

–2011 Summer VIP Overnight Participant



“I really enjoyed the camp. Thank you for providing me with a great experience and for the chance to meet the coaching staff. After seeing the school and experiencing the soccer side of it, I am even more interested in attending Valparaiso. I can see myself being a part of the program.

–2011 Summer VIP Overnight Participant




"Just a quick note to say thanks for the great day at the VIP camp yesterday!  The program sounds amazing and you have really created a wonderful environment for those young men.  What great role models they have to follow!!  I really enjoyed every moment of the day.  Thank you so much and I look forward to spending more time at Valpo!!"

- 2012 March VIP Day Camp (Parent of Participant)



"I was just writing to follow up on your VIP camp that was held on Sunday, March 18th. I thought the camp was an outstanding way to show off Valparaiso University. I really enjoyed the speech that Coach Avery gave to kick off the camp. It is always nice to know the philosophy of the program. The family atmosphere that I felt at Valpo really excites me. I had a chance to drive around the campus after the camp and liked what I saw. One of the highlights of the camp for me was being able to talk to Coach Shively during the afternoon session."

- 2012 March VIP Day Camp Participant



"Thank you for having me at camp this past week. I really enjoyed meeting the entire coaching staff and some of the players. I am extremely interested in being a student athlete at Valparaiso and I have become even more interested after the camp. I really liked the campus."

- 2012 June VIP Overnight Camp Participant



"I want to thank you for the opportunity to attend your VIP overnight camp.  It was the by far the best residential camp I have attended.  I really liked how each coach was able to develop a relationship with each individual camper and that you are all very approachable."

- 2012 June VIP Overnight Participant



"Thank you very much for the training, time, and attention today at the March 17th VIP Day Camp.  Each college camp I attend, I take something away.  Today, I took away adding daily goas to my training sessions and holding myself accountable to those goals."

- 2013 VIP Day Camp Participant



"My son attended your camp this past Sunday and I wanted to let you know what a really nice team you have.  We have gone to many camps, but not with players so welcoming or kind as yours.  I think they all greeted us as we came in that morning.  The players showed such great respect with their actions and words on the field.  That just shows the good coaching staff and program that you have."

-Parent of 2013 VIP Day Camp Participant



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